Real estate sales coaching will give you the tools to make money now

Strengthen Your Skills • Stay Focused • Make More Money NOW!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the business for a long time,
Fred's programs are designed to strengthen your skills, keep you focused and most importantly, help you succeed immediately.

Fred Wilson Coaching will complement and enhance all other sales techniques as it is THE foundation for success in real estate sales, having the most immediate, the most effective, and the most dramatic impact on agent success.

Most Real Estate Coaching programs are just lead generation systems presented by self-proclaimed experts who too often don’t actually do real estate sales. It’s flashy marketing, high-pressure sales, motivational buzzwords, and social media hype.. But what should Real Estate coaching be?

Real estate coaching should give you the tools to make money now. It should it help you identify and capitalize on opportunities that exist TODAY not somewhere in the unforeseen future. Effective real estate sales coaching should be based on certain essential fundamentals for agent success in real estate sales, and there are only four:

MindSet: How to identify more opportunity
DaySet: How to structure your day
WordSet: How to talk with people
GoalSet: How to stay on track

Whether you’re tech savvy or tech challenged; a people person or shy, new to the biz, or an old pro; a go-getter or laid-back, the best form of real estate sales coaching should work for anyone and everyone!


Here's Why:

  • Working in real estate sales requires stamina, and motivation
  • As an Agent, you are your own boss and maybe you’re not a good boss
  • You don’t know what to do
  • You don’t know how to do it
  • You don’t actually utilize your skills
  • You need someone who will be honest with you
  • You need someone who will push you toward success
  • You need someone to hold you accountable
  • You must be a career-long learner

To be a top producer, you must be able to focus on what matters and maximize your time. Real estate sales coaching will motivate, educate and hold you accountable.

If you desire to succeed at a high level in real estate sales and perform at an elite level throughout your career, you must, like any other endeavor (be it business, sports, entertainment, the arts, whatever), continue to develop your ability to master your skills

For a winning process to occur, an ongoing relationship with, a capable and qualified real estate coach will be a chief difference maker in your success.

Listen to an Example Session with Fred: