ProAcademy Membership also includes the Fred Talks Daily Podcast!

The ProAcademy is a live weekly coaching webinar that focuses on exactly how to implement the principles of The ProductionModel™. Work with Fred to refine your practice of production and master the essentials of success in the real estate business with the 4 cornerstones of The ProductionModel™ – Mindset, Dayset, Wordset, Goalset.

  • Interact with Fred and other like-minded real estate agents.
  • Learn how to use impact questions, power statements, and hot icebreakers.
  • Evaluate fresh case studies to fine tune your process of production.
  • Develop your ability to talk to anyone in any situation.


For $1 a day, the Fred Talks daily podcast provides techniques and actionable information to Make Today Pay™!

Strengthen your “Practice of Production” with Fred’s ProductionModel™ – The Foundation & Architecture of Success in Real Estate Sales.

  • Jump-start your day in a production oriented way.
  • Review and master the all-important principles of production.
  • Evaluate fresh case studies from Fred’s own client interactions.
  • Develop accountability that keeps you on track.
  • Fine tune your own personal practice of sales production.
  • Enjoy motivational messages that inspire you each day.


Optimize your process of achievement and shift your MindSet for success in Fred’s book, The Third Law of Success – The Key to Limitless Opportunity & High Achievement

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