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Who is Fred Wilson?

Fred Wilson, also known as the AgentCoach™, is a top-producing Realtor® averaging one closed transaction a week for 30 years. Author of The Third Law of Success™ and creator of The ProductionModel™: The Foundation & Architecture for Success in Real Estate Sales, Fred is a sought-after real estate and success coach who specializes in the subjects of opportunity, achievement, and sales.

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Why Fred Wilson Coaching?

Why Fred Wilson Coaching?

Fred’s goal is to put money in your wallet, not take money out of it. Changing the way Agents think about real estate sales, Fred Wilson has redefined many core concepts of the game. Fred Wilson Coaching will shift your perspective, upgrade your approach, and create more opportunities in all of your real estate activities.

What Is Real Estate Sales Coaching?

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the business for a long time, Fred's programs are designed to strengthen your skills, keep you focused and, most importantly, help you succeed immediately.

What is real estate sales coaching?
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