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with The Fred Wilson Production Model®PRO

Fred Wilson
Using The Production Model®PRO Fred Wilson has averaged
1 closed transaction a week for 30 years running!

Meet Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson, also known as the AgentCoach™, has been a top-producing Realtor® averaging one closed transaction a week for the last 30 years!

  • Author of The Third Law of Success™ & Real Estate Attraction
  • Creator of The Production Model®PRO Online Learning Course & Production Model Toolbox

Fred is a sought-after real estate and success coach who specializes in the subjects of opportunity, achievement, and sales.

WHAT IS The Production Model®PRO?

Learn How to Generate Business TODAY!

By changing the way Agents think about real estate sales, Fred Wilson has redefined many core concepts of the game. Fred Wilson Coaching will shift your perspective, upgrade your approach, and create more opportunities in all of your real estate activities.Take a free course and see for yourself how learning the Production Model®PRO will change your way of thinking and show you how to identify the opportunities that are already around you.
fred wilson

Working with a talented business coach is your first step to achieve massive results

Fred Wilson

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What We Offer

Take your real estate business to the next level

Fred recommends taking The Production Model®PRO course, then use The Production Model Toolbox to implement all the lessons learned. Simply log into your private member portal to access everything: The Production Model®PRO Course, Success Tracker, Fred Today, Live with Fred, and The Vault.
The Production Model® PRO Course

The Production Model®PRO is Fred's unique approach to success and real estate sales. He has used it to average one closed sale a week for 30 years running.

Success Tracker

Success Tracker is a custom designed accountability tool for measuring your success. Designed to help you set, track, and achieve your goals, Success Tracker is the ideal way to bring the lessons and exercises learned in the Production Model®PRO course to life.

Fred Today

Every weekday Fred releases one of his Daily Calls, where he does a "Deep Dive" on a various aspects of the Production Model®PRO course and his unique approach to real estate sales.

Live With Fred

Every week, live access to Fred. An exclusive, members-only live stream where Fred covers timely industry topics, new strategies for success, along with live role play and Q&A.

The Vault

Over the years Fred has compiled a wealth of knowledge in personal success and real estate sales. We have archived all of this information in an easy to access library for you to review and learn at your own pace.

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