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Who is Fred Wilson?

Fred Wilson, also known as the AgentCoach™, is a top-producing Realtor® averaging one closed transaction a week for 25 years. Author of The Third Law of Success© and Creator of “The Production Model - The Foundation & Architecture of Success in Real Estate Sales”, Fred is a sought-after real estate and success coach who specializes in the subjects of opportunity, achievement, and sales.

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Why Fred Wilson Coaching?

Why Fred Wilson Coaching?

Fred’s goal is to put money in your wallet, not take money out of it. Changing the way Agents think about real estate sales, Fred Wilson has redefined many core concepts of the game. Fred Wilson Coaching will shift your perspective and create more opportunities in all of your real estate activities.

What is real estate sales coaching?

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the business for a long time, Fred's programs are designed to strengthen your skills, keep you focused and most importantly, help you succeed immediately.

What is real estate sales coaching?
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Fred is the only coach you need.

Let me explain. While I’ve known and followed Fred’s teachings going back 10-15 years and have had other coaches as well in my 29 years as a Realtor, I’ve been listening to Fred on his Daily Calls for the past 3-4 years exclusively and this has made all the difference in the world! And let’s even be more clear, I’ve been “ doing” what Fred is teaching during this time and it’s working for me. As he always says, he is teaching what he himself does everyday. When he describes a conversation of discovery he has with someone he’s just met, I’m in awe at how much further and deeper he goes than I could ever have imagined and how he finds out actionable information. That inspires me to do the same. He embodies what I always imagined doing Real Estate was like but didn’t know how to do it. Now I’m doing a Fred version infused with my version. This is the key with Fred, he shows you the way, he gives you the structure, the framework, he tells you how he does it and sets you free to do your version with those fundamentals. Once you get it! and it starts to work for you, you’ll discover how much fun it is to be in the hunt and be the rainmaker everyday. Thank you Fred. You are wonderful.”
Sanda Alcalay
Sotheby's International Realty

The Production Model is foundational

The Production Model is foundational for achieving consistently high production and success in real estate brokerage.
Everyone unconsciously does it during the sale process, but Fred has uncovered it’s secrets making it applicable in a repeatable way. Fred has bottled it and has coached hundreds of agents to increasing their production to a least an extra sale a month.”
Peter Hernandez

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Fred Talks - Podcast

For $1 a day, the Fred Talks daily podcast provides techniques and actionable information to Make Today Pay™!

Strengthen your “Practice of Production” with Fred’s ProductionModel™ – The Foundation & Architecture of Success in Real Estate Sales.

  • Jump-start your day in a production oriented way.
  • Review and master the all-important principles of production.
  • Evaluate fresh case studies from Fred’s own client interactions.
  • Develop accountability that keeps you on track.
  • Fine tune your own personal practice of sales production.
  • Enjoy motivational messages that inspire you each day.

ProAcademy - Webinar

ProAcademy Membership also includes the Fred Talks Daily Podcast!

The ProAcademy is a live weekly coaching webinar that focuses on exactly how to implement the principles of The ProductionModel™. Work with Fred to refine your practice of production and master the essentials of success in the real estate business with the 4 cornerstones of The ProductionModel™ – Mindset, Dayset, Wordset, Goalset.

  • Interact with Fred and other like-minded real estate agents.
  • Learn how to use impact questions, power statements, and hot icebreakers.
  • Evaluate fresh case studies to fine tune your process of production.
  • Develop your ability to talk to anyone in any situation.

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