The Production Model®PRO

Fred Wilson

What is The Production Model®PRO?

And how can it help you find more customers. GROW your business. generate new opportunities EVERYDAY! Make More Money!

The Production Model®PRO is an easy to follow multi-media video course where Fred teaches you his four cornerstones of real estate sales success.
In Module One, Fred explores the first cornerstone of The Production Model®PRO – Mindset and its foundational element, opportunity. Fred shows you how to adjust your way of looking at and thinking about real estate sales, enabling you to see opportunity you would otherwise miss.
In Module Two, Fred explores the second cornerstone of The Production Model®PRO – Dayset and its foundational element, possibility. Fred focuses on the one essential thing you must do to create the possibility of success.
In Module Three, Fred explores the third cornerstone of The Production Model®PRO – Wordset and its foundational element, discovery. Here Fred teaches you how to operate in discovery mode. This will fundamentally change how you talk with people and dramatically raise your odds for success.
In Module Four, Fred explores the fourth cornerstone of The Production Model®PRO – Goalset and its foundational element, urgency. This is where you learn how to stay on track. Fred gives you the tools and everyday activities you need to do in order to realize your goals of new business today.
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Fred explains what The Production Model®PRO is and how you can use it to find new real estate opportunities everyday.

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