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Working at my computer one afternoon the front-desk manager put a call through to me, saying someone was asking for info regarding my listing on Villa Lane. Actually having two listings on that street, with one being in escrow, I wondered which the person was calling about. The following conversation occurred between us…

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And so a bit later that day I went to walk Mike’s lot and spend a little time putting together a Competitive Market Analysis to discuss with him. Knowing what I did coming out of our initial conversation, I actually listed his lot for $1,150,000 and then, several weeks later, sold it to my own buyer (who did in fact want to build) for $1,025,000. I then took Mike and MaryAnn out shopping and they quickly purchased a lovely home in a great, although different, neighborhood for $2,495,000. But wait because, as is often the case when using The Production Model®PRO, there’s more. Based on what I learned while shopping with them in the new neighborhood (which previously I’d been unfamiliar with), I thereafter went on to experience a major deal chain in that area—and an excellent example of perpetual production—in which I had more than a dozen additional transactions come together totaling approximately $20,000,000 in sales. All starting with the above Sign Call and due in large part to my effective process of talking with people…



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